Live-Edge Floating Shelves

We’ll show you how to make floating shelves using live edge lumber, including tips for how to prepare the live edge lumber, smoothing the faces, and removing the bark without changing the natural contours of the edge. There are several methods you can use to smooth the shelves, but this process was made even easier thanks to the JET Drum Sander. The exposed ends of the shelves were cut using a JET band saw. These shelves were mounted using special blind shelf support hardware. I decided to use live edge lumber to build a project today that has been very popular in the last few years these floating shelves today I’ll show you how I made them and share a few tips so that you can make them too.


I decided to remove the bark completely but leaving behind the shape of the wing edge. The trick is to remove the bark without cutting into or changing the natural shape and texture of the edge the easiest way. Use a draw knife or large chisel to remove most of the bark and then finish the job. With brushes and sandpaper you can use a handheld wire brush but I found that a wire or nylon drill attachment works even better. Working across the grain with the brush helps prevent gouging the wood or forming grooves. A sanding wheel that features sandpaper strips or flaps works great for smoothing the surface.

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