Free Bird Feeder Tutorial

Cut the Dowels for the Perches

Cut the Dowel for the Perch

Cut the two pieces of dowel to serve as the perches on the sides of the feeder. Using a miter saw or circular saw, cut two sections of 1/2-inch diameter dowel to 16-1/2 inches in length.

Rip the Base Pieces

Ripping the Base Pieces for the Bird Feeder

Set up your table saw fence to 2-1/4 inches from the right side of your table saw blade, and raise the blade to about 1-inch above the table. Be sure that the blade is set to 0-degrees (square to the surface of the table top). Rip the 16-inch and 13-inch boards into two 2-1/4 inch widths each. Set the leftover strips aside.

Then, adjust the width of the fence to 4-inches, and rip the two pieces of for the bottom of the feeder.

Drill the Holes for the Perches

Drilling the Holes for the Perch

Position the two 13-inch long, 2-1/4 inch wide boards flat on a table. Measure in 3/4-inch from each end of the boards and make a mark with a pencil. Then, center the mark along the width of the board (1-1/8 inch in from each edge).

Insert a 1/2-inch diameter drill bit into a cordless drill or power drill, then drill a 1/4-inch deep hole into each of the four pencil marks (two on each of the 13-inch boards).

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