How to Use a Featherboard

A featherboard is a woodworking accessory used with stationary power cutting tools, including such tools as a table saw, radial-arm saw or router table. A featherboard is essentially a flat piece of wood or plastic which has a series of flexible narrow fingers cut or formed into one side. When clamped to the table of the stationary tool, the flexible fingers can be positioned to hold your workpiece tightly again the fence during rip cuts, ensuring a smooth cut as the workpiece passes against the blade. Using a featherboard is much safer than trying to hold a workpiece against the fence by hand during rip cuts.

Commercial featherboards are sold by woodworking supply stores and online retailers, but many woodworkers make their own featherboardsby cutting a series of kerfs into one side of a flat board cut at an angle on one end. Many woodworkers make many different featherboards of different sizes to keep on hand for various uses.

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