Top 5 Kitchen Woodworking Plans and Projects

People often equate fine woodworking with furniture and cabinetry, but there are countless other types of woodworking projects that one can build.

For instance, the following are five kitchen woodworking plans and projects that are all designed for use in the kitchen. Each of these sets of free woodworking plans will not only show off your skills as a woodworker but are useful in the kitchen.

Hardwood Bread Tray

Hardwood Bread Tray

If you’re looking for one of those gift ideas for the proverbial “person who has everything,” build them a hardwood bread tray. This unique trayis a perfect platform for slicing bread, as the slatted bottom allows the crumbs from cutting the bread to fall through to the counter below.

After cutting the bread, you can carry the sliced bread directly to the dinner table and the crumbs stay behind. This tray always gets plenty of compliments, as it is an item that few people have ever seen, but nearly everyone wants one for their own kitchen. It’s a relatively simple project to build, but one that is a lot of fun to make (and to use).

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