Evil Following MB 2018 Review

The Skinny

The Evil Following MB is a capable, short-travel, 29er that slays berms and operates with confidence at blistering speeds. This bike is delightful when charging flow trails and inspires a healthy dose of frolicsome behavior. The Following tolerates steep, rocky, gnar but it greatly benefits from sneaky and intelligent line choice. One glance at this stealthy shredder and it is apparent that the Following is built for a fun and fast ride down the mountain. That said, climbing abilities are solid as long as you keep tabs on the location of your cranks on technical climbs. Pedal strikes can be a serious issue in both geometry settings. There is no mistaking the Following for zippy, short-travel, bikes like the Ibis Ripley or the Specialized Stumpjumper ST. It is more appropriate to compare the Evil to some mid-travel choices like the Santa Cruz Hightower or Commencal Meta TR. Evil is viewed as a premium brand and their prices reflect this. The entry-level Following build sells for a large $5699 price tag. To be fair, this price tag buys you some impressive components.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Should I Buy This Bike?

Evil describes the Following as “big bike fun in a shorter travel package”. We find this assessment to be somewhat accurate but possibly a little deceiving. This stout, short-travel, shredder is very fun on flowy, high-speed trials. On most trails, the Following is as fun as a barrel of monkeys. That said, we had far less “big bike fun” when riding sustained rock gardens or chunky, physical, trails. This 120mm bicycle has the ability to beat you up on nasty terrain. It can ride everything, but it can be a rough ride on demanding trails. The Following is a great option for those who live in an area with a lot of berm-infested, smoother, trails. Riders who find themselves riding large doses of rocks and roots should look elsewhere. Yes, the following statement is a luxury, but this Evil would make a spectacular second bike for the rider who already has a long-travel sled.

The Following is a reasonably capable short-travel 29er.

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