Here’s why you should always sleep on your side, according to sleep experts

There’s nothing more frustrating than going to bed for a good night’s sleep only to wake the next morning feeling even more tired than you did before you turned in. Whether it’s snoring, an over-active mind or digestive issues, there can be many causes behind a restless night – but they could all be cured by changing just one thing, according to sleep experts: laying on your side.

Changing your sleeping position to be on your side can have multiple benefits for many different reasons.

Those with snoring or lung issues can benefit from lying on their side

Many who suffer from sleep apnoea — dangerous breathing interruptions during sleep — or simply snore very loudly, tend to find it’s not only they who suffer but that their partner is left tossing and turning too. Lying on one’s back is definitely a factor that can aggravate this problem.

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“Almost all people who snore, start in a back-lying position,” explained Maurer.

Alexander Blau, sleep specialist and pulmonologist at the Sleep Academy in Berlin, also recommends that those suffering from respiratory diseases position themselves better at night by lying on their sides.

“The lungs simply work better standing up,” says Blau.

To avoid turning back over onto your back at night, Maurer recommends sewing tennis balls into a sleeping cap or wearing a backpack at night .

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