How to Shoot Street Photography with a 24mm Lens

Ever since my RICOH GR II died (28mm lens), I’ve been shooting with Cindy’s Lumix LX 100 with the 24mm on the streets of Kyoto and been having a ton of fun. I want to share with you some practical tips I’ve learned shooting with a 24mm lens in street photography:

1. Shoot head-on with cutoff technique

Shooting with a 24mm lens (full frame equivalent) in street photography is extremely difficult and challenging. I’m pretty comfortable shooting close to my subjects in street photography, but shooting with the 24mm is a whole different beast.

First of all, because the 24mm lens is so wide, you must shoot head-on in order to get a good composition, that is dynamic and not too skewed with “oblique angles” (shooting too much from the side). The wide-angle lens exaggerates the perspective of the photos, therefore you must shoot very head-on to make a good street photograph.

A good way to get good head-on street photographs with a 24mm lens is to use the “cutoff technique“, to get directly in front of someone (while they’re walking) in order to get a more intense, head-on street photo. The basic concept is when you’re walking on the streets (preferably a narrow sidewalk), you walk to the side of a person, and right when you are about a step away from them, you walk diagonally across their walking path and shoot a photograph the moment they are about to collide with you. Of course you must keep moving, and not collide with them.

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