Kona Process 134 SE 2018 Review

The Skinny

Our testers found the Kona Process 134 SE to come alive on descents and as speeds increased. The bike’s long geometry give it more of an enduro bike feel, a bit reluctant on the climbs but ready to party when pointed downhill. This bike isn’t for everyone, it’s certainly not the most versatile or well-rounded performer in our test selection as its downhill oriented geometry tend to hold it back on the climbs. That said, if you’re looking for an affordable rig with playful and surprisingly capable downhill abilities then the Process 134 SE is worth a look. Read on to see how the Kona Process 134 SE compared to the competition.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Process 134 SE is playful and fun to ride downhill.

Should I Buy this Bike?

If you’re into the long and slack trend in mountain bike geometry, the Kona Process 134 SE has got you covered, on the long part of that equation anyway. With a long wheelbase and a long reach, the Process 134 is definitely more of a downhill oriented machine. It lacks the all-around performance, versatility, and especially climbing prowess of some of the competition, but if having a blast riding downhill is what you’re into, then this is a great bike to consider.

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