I love to travel. I love the whole idea of soaking in new cultures, meeting people, trying out new delicacies and savoring the sights, sounds and smells of a land I am visiting. If I could do one thing, that would be to travel and live out of a suitcase for the rest of my life. I am a big foodie too. I love trying local delicacies when I am travelling, which invariable lands me at markets and eateries in every city I travel to.

malaysia food photography

Markets give me an indication of the food that I can expect at the local joints, but there’s more to it than just eating. Markets and street food stalls present the best opportunities to shoot authentic shot of local cuisines, as big restaurants are often skeptical about allowing guests to take pictures inside their premises. Street food stalls have no such inhibitions and most proprietors love being photographed in fact. This article covers the best cities for foody photogs that I have uncovered during my travels.

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