The 5 Traits of Great Street Photographers

1. Intuition


To build intuition in street photography, experience more ‘situations’ in street photography.

What to look for when shooting street photography. Spread from the book: LEARN FROM THE MASTERS

The more you shoot, the more similar situations you will encounter. And reality tends to repeat itself.


Intuition in street photography is to just follow your gut, and to JUST SHOOT IT.

Don’t hesitate before making a photo. I follow the ‘3 second rule’ — if it takes me more than 3 seconds to make a photo, I won’t make the photo.

Hand tattoo. Amsterdam, 2017

Also, the more you study the great street photographers from history, the more you will be able to identify what exactly makes a good street photograph.

Girls laughing. Amsterdam, 2017

For me, a great street photograph is dynamic, edgy, has emotions, gestures, and punches you in the gut.

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