The Psychology of Street Photography

Seek to get rejected

Red hair on red background. Kodak Portra 400 with flash. London, 2014.

So the first step is trying to ‘de-escalate’ your fear response.

My suggestion:

Learn to love rejection.

The first assignment in street photography is the ‘10 No Challenge’— approach a bunch of strangers and ask to make their portrait, and TRY to intentionally get rejected by 10 strangers .

Psychologically, this re-wires your brain, because you no longer fear rejection. Rather, you CRAVE rejection — because this is part of the assignment.

What if you did everything you feared in life?

If you think about this principle in life — imagine if you lived a life where you no longer feared rejection? How would this help your business life, entrepreneurship life, romantic life, or just life in general?

You wouldn’t fear rejected asking out someone on a date, you wouldn’t fear sending a business proposal to a prospective client, or the risk of starting your own company.

Woman in pink and Red Bull. London, 2011. Eric Kim

I don’t know what success in life is, but I certainly know you cannot succeed by not taking any risks. And the less you fear rejection, the more risks you will take.

Therefore, to succeed more, fear rejection less.

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