The Psychology of Street Photography

On Guilt

London, 2014. The second photo. I pretended like I was shooting the sign behind her.

Another strange psychological problem we face as street photographers and human beings:

We feel guilty for taking photos of strangers.

But why do we feel guilt?

We feel guilt because we think,

If you take a picture of a stranger without their permission, you are somehow ‘stealing their soul’ and that is somehow ‘morally evil’

Do you like to be photographed?

Another idea:

Some of us don’t like to have our own picture taken, and therefore we assume that everyone else doesn’t like to have their picture taken.

This is false. I love to have my picture taken.

Woman flexing bicep in red bikini

So this is funny, that according to the mental psychology of ERIC KIM,

Because I like to have my picture taken, I assume everyone else likes having their picture taken.

Now obviously, not everyone is like me.

But this is the psychological bias we all fell victim to:

We assume that everyone else thinks like us. (Which isn’t true)

But— what if you had the mental mindset that everyone liked having their picture taken? I bet you would have more confidence in your street photography.

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