The Ultimate Guide How to Shoot Flash Street Photography

Shooting with a flash through clear umbrellas

Tokyo Eric Kim rain umbrella

I was first inspired to shoot flash street pictures by my friend Charlie Kirk. Many of his great pictures in Tokyo were of people holding clear umbrellas, or he shot through a clear umbrella.

Case study: One flash picture without eye contact, and one with eye contact

Woman on phone, with billboard in background. Shot with a flash. I love the tension here. London Street Photograph by ERIC KIM, 2014.

I saw this woman on her phone, looking very intense. I saw a billboard of a woman banging against the wall. I thought this would make a good ‘juxtaposition’ picture. I then shot with a flash, with my film Leica MP, aperture f8, flash at 1/8th power, focus distance 1.2 meters.

The second picture, after she saw I took a picture of her with a flash. I prefer the prior picture of her not noticing me. But I shot this second picture “just in case”.
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