YT Capra 29 CF 2018 Review

The Skinny

The all-new YT Capra 29 made quite the splash when it was introduced in February 2018. Wagon wheels, 160mm of travel, impressive components, an attractive price tag, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, the Capra is somewhat held back by its harsh and super-progressive suspension design. Three testers spent one month smashing the Capra CF 29 around California and Nevada to obtain the vital ride characteristics. This wagon-wheeled monster truck climbs reasonably well for a 32-pound bicycle. The Capra greatly benefits from the use of the climb switch and technical climbs can be problematic. Downhill performance is solid as long as you don’t expect a plush or muted ride. Many riders may find the suspension design too progressive. The ramp-up in the mid-late stroke could be too much for the majority of riders. YT claims the new Capra is 8% less progressive than the previous iteration. We find this to be a reasonable assessment, but it is still difficult to utilize full travel. At $3699, Capra CF 29 is a strong value for the right buyer.

Our Analysis

Should I Buy This Bike

The Capra CF 29 is a solid choice for the very aggressive rider who doesn’t mind, or likes, very progressive suspension. There can be speed advantages to a bike that stays higher in its travel. The Capra seems to skip over a lot of obstacles. While this can be jarring and loud, momentum keeps moving forward is not lost into the travel. As a result, an enduro racer may like this bike. This big burly bicycle is also a prime candidate for a coil shock. This could help mellow out some of the harsh ramp-up in the suspension design. There is no doubt the quality of the build specifications is tempting. Riders looking to do significant amounts of climbing or want a more comfortable/plush ride should look elsewhere.

The Capra 29 has the angles to get rad.
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